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Larry Voorhees

Larry Voorhees is the quintessential "Renaissance Man."
Born and raised in Iowa, Larry graduated with a degree in Music Education, and spent 10 years teaching instrumental and vocal music in public schools.
Since then, he has worked in a variety of industries, and is currently a Project Management Consultant with one of the largest insurance companies in the nation.
While still performing regularly as a musician, Larry has managed to find the time to become a International Master and Referee in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. He has also co-authored the "5 Tenets" series of action/adventure novels, and is currently working on his first solo novel.
Larry's wide breadth of diverse experiences, coupled with his contagious sense of humor and enthusiasm for life, make him a sought-after clinician, keynote speaker, and mentor.
He is on Facebook, and his Taekwondo website is:

Joseph Frank Baraba

  Joseph Frank Baraba was born in Brooklyn, New York In his teens he loved to write poetry and short stories.

This is his second book published with Publish America f rst book titled: " Is Your Father Black ?" ,ISBN# 1413755569is also published by Publish America. His second book titled:" Dusty," Isbn # 1424120187 . His third book which is a murder mystery , titled: " Clara Layten - The Chelsea Murders," hit the Amazon book site in late 2009. His fourth book  came out in early 2010 titled: " Visions Of Freedom."

 Joseph Frank Baraba in his spare time paints on canvas and has an avid photographer for the last 25 years and has his photography on two photo sites :  http://www.joefrank.imagekind.comand his second site is :  http://joseph-frank-baraba.fineartamerica.comIn his spare time over the last six years has reviewed many authors books and has his reviewed by others.

B.C. Brown

B.C. Brown lives on the southern Illinois/Indiana border.  A fan of books her entire life, B.C. first picked up a pen at the tender age of 12.  From then on, she was an unstoppable force.
B.C. is the youngest of three children (all girls) and grew up with a family who indulged every quirky idea or story she came up with, taking pride in the 'unusual' child.  Initially, she began writing poetry and short fiction based on her life and on people she knew.  When she first mentioned the idea of writing a novel to them, her family's response was simple.  "Hurry up and finish it already!"  With such a backing, the young writer immersed herself into novel-making and never looked back.

Her first novel, entitled Shades of Gray, is a beautifully wrought fantasy adventure that sweeps you from tranquil seas to war camps.  But the writer has scratched the surface of many genres with her pen.  A second novel, entitled A Touch of Darkness, is an energetic paranormal mystery and has evolved into a series of three books.  Her spin-off novel called A Sight Unseen stems from the same world as A Touch of Darkness and helps to raise awareness for a rare disease called Pompe's Disease or Glycogen Storage Deficiency.  Yet another novel, Night Sins, is a breathtaking futuristic sci-fi/romance and another, Blood of My Blood, is a terrifying look at a society willing to sacrifice their liberties and their blood to be "kept" by vampires.  She is currently published under the pen name B.B. Walter with her epic fantasy novel, Sister Light; Book One: Of Shadows.

But B.C. is one true to her roots, still dipping her quill in the ink to turn out numerous short stories and several poems.  Several of her more memorable works include Killing Innocence (horror short story), Extra-Ordinary (YA fantasy short story), and Mortal Transgressions (working title - fantasy short story).  Of her poetry, B.C. claims she is proudest of her epic work Little Girl Red Vs. Madman and Nightfall.  With a wry grin, B.C. will tell you about her screenplay, entitled Shadows, but it is with a shrug and a shake of her head.  "I've never once thought I could write plays," she says when asked about the screenplay.  "I don't know what came over me.  Maybe I was possessed?"  The wink and smile she gives you will make you wonder if, perhaps, she still is.

More of B.C.'s writing can be found at or her website or by following her on Twitter or Facebook.

Jennifer McLure


My name is Jennifer McClure.  I have a 9 year old daughter.   I have always loved to read and can proudly say I have instilled the importance of reading in my daughter as well.  I have recently starting writing, currently for personal pleasure and for gifts for my family members.  I graduated from Southeast Whitfield High School in Dalton, GA in 1996.   I worked for a Fortune 500 company for 15 years, before leaving that position in Feb 2010.  I am currently enjoying being a stay at home mom, with plans to attend college this fall.  You can read more about me on

Ruth Cronan

I work for the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland,Tn, Benton Unit  .  I am an inspiring book author, and I love to read. I am now taking some courses in  Social Work, Appalachia, and Cultural Diversity.  I am married with 2 children and one step daughter. I went to Polk County High School, and graduated in 1995. You can find my profile here. Ruth's Facebook

Tabitha Robin

Tabitha Robin has been writing for 15 years. She has been publishing her books since 2004. She was born in Copperhill Tennessee, raised in Dawnville Georgia and now resides in Calhoun, Georgia. She graduated from Southeast Whitfield High School in Dalton Georgia then proceeded to Cossa Valley Technical School. Now Tabitha has 13 books in publication and she continues to write.


Hi my name is John. I have been reading books for years. I enjoy reading and reviewing books. I am the founder of Pike Inc. I am married to book author Tabitha Robin. I have four children. This is my website. I have no other, but if you would like you can check out my wife's, Tabitha Robin

Rev. Timothy Ward

Rev. Timothy Ward
Timothy Ward is a licensed/ordained minister in Milledgeville, Georgia. He is the staff Evangelist at Freewill Fellowship Worship Center.  He is the founder/President of Timothy Ward Ministries, a non-profit, non-denominational evangelistic teaching/preaching ministry. He ministers at churches, seminars, and conferences. He is a three time published author with books: When An F Is A Good Thing, The Wayward Son, and Quiet Reflections.