Poem Submission

Get one of your poems published in a new print book.  Help Find A Cure!

The reason we are looking for poetry submission, is because we plan on putting 100 poems into a book. We plan on publishing it. Once the book is published 100% of the profit of this book will be donated to "Breast Cancer Association". We know how important it is to help this cause. We have had many people in our family have a close call with this disease. So we are calling you to help us raise money for this cause. If you are interested please send your poem submissions to "writetime@ymail.com".

Below you will also find a cover to this upcoming book.

Our Future Goal

Their are so many great Associations out there that try to raise money for people that need help finding a cure. We plan on publishing several books to help these causes. Each book we publish will help a foundation of some sort. Such as"The Shriner Hospital",  "Children's Cancer Association", "Multiple sclerosis", "The American Heart Association", help premature babies fund, "Disease Research Foundation" and "Reaching The World For Christ, Evangelistic Ministry" (this book will only consist of spiritual, christian poems. We think this will help many organizations help real people in need.

What to do

To submit a poem read below. We need 100 poems before we can publish a book.
Do not submit a poem to us if you do not wish to have your poem submitted for publishing.
The Write Time Literary Service will publish the best poems into one book. Your name, title and website will be submitted inside the book along with your poem.  Note: Anyone that submits a poem it is a complete donation. No royalties will be paid to anyone. This is a non-profit publishing. All profits will go toward "Breast Cancer Association".  Once you submit a poem and we accept it for publishing we will then send you a release form to sign and return to us.

 This is a non-profit  book publishing.  What we will Not except:

We WILL NOT ACCEPT are: Pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, rape, incest, fan fiction, snuff, mommy/daddy/child fantasies, asphyxiation, felching, any type of play that involves bodily fluids (which includes solid form). While some readers and epubs may not find the above topics offensive we do and we will not publish them.

 What we will Except: We will except all types of poems.Free write, Rhyme, or any other type or style is fine. You can write about anything as long as it is not one of the topics or material listed in the Will not except list.
The Name of This Book

The title to this book will be "The Ink Well" by Various Authors.

Remember: These are the things we will need.

1. Your Name

2. Your State

3. Your Website

4. Title of your Poem

5. Email submission (Publish My Poem) in subject line.

6. Your email address


If your poem is accepted for publishing, we will notify you. We will send you the release form by email. You must sign and return it to us. It is just a statement saying you give us permission to publish your poem. That you give over all rights to that poem for the "Breast Cancer Association". That you don't mind that no-profit will be send directly to you.


We would like poems that are unique and unlike anything else we have seen before.  We don't want dark writes, they can be abstract but nothing dim and sad.
To submit a poem for publishing please email us at writetime@ymail.com
Please put (Publish My Poem) in the subject box.

Website where book will be published! (The book store links is not yet available as of yet. It will be posted at a later date.)

If you have any question please message me or email me personally at writetime@ymail.com

                                                                                         Cover Of Book