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Dear Book Reviewers,
Below are a list of  book that are awaiting a review. Please chose from the list below and email me at to review a book. Send me the title and author of the book that you wish to review, then the book will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

"A Friendly Bet"

Victoria King     A Friendly Bet…that’s how it all started for major player Jerome Hudson, whose mode of operation with the female population is ‘get in, get out…move on’. He considers himself Master of the Game when it comes to seducing young women.  Jerome refuses to believe that his game can’t be run on all types of young ladies, not just the attractive, empty-headed ones.  So he takes his best friend up on a $100 bet.  How was he to know the ‘plain Jane’ selected would be the one to turn the tables on him?
     Vivian Evans, once burned by a past hurtful relationship, temporarily takes a hiatus from the dating scene.  She doesn’t realize the young man who professes to only want a platonic relationship, is really running a game on her.
     Is either part of this unlikely couple prepared to deal with the emotional and physical circumstances that await them?

"Crystal's Jihad"

Ayisha Blevins
"Crystal's Jihad"-
Crystal is a 13 year old girl who signs up as an exchange student as part of her world religions study on Islam.  She goes to live with a Muslim family for two months.  During her experience she learns more about the Muslim faith, and experiences prejudice first hand when she goes to the mall with her Muslim host family.  Will Crystal finally see that Islam is a peaceful religion, or will she continue to base Islam on the media?


D. R. Restuch
Jacqueline Campbell, a lonely and unique high school student discovers she has extraordinary powers which she must keep secret from everyone she knows. When she is forced to use her gift to save the life of a fellow classmate, her entire world comes crashing down and the only refuge she can find is with the most unexpected person; a person who is destined to bring her absolute love…and eventual death.

Jacqueline finally comes to realize what sets her apart from everybody else; her amazing power to alter reality. Finding a special relationship with soccer-mate Lacey Kramer, the two embrace a jealous and dangerous ex-boyfriend, an envious BFF, and a looming prom which is sure to turn their classmate's heads. When Jacqueline discovers that Lacey's been hiding a serious illness from everybody she is determined to find a way to save her friend's life, even at the cost of another's.

New Blood

"New Blood" by Adwin Lee Eton

Kiziah Aasta was a simple teenager at Zulu High School. Her life changes dramatically once she receives a mysterious love letter. Kiziah becomes mesmerized by Prince Balkar. She soon discovers he is a vampire. Her life becomes entwined in his. Through a enthralling adventure her life spins out of control. Finding help from the Clan she tries to solve the problem at hand. Time is against her, but love is on her side.

Unchained Spirits

Penelope Dianne Williams
Unchained Spirits is about two sisters, Brandy and Sky, who have been left in the care of their abusive siblings. Brandy retaliates and runs away; Sky allows her spiritual visions to find her sister. The two girls embark on a frightening adventure while their siblings close in on them in hot pursuit. They explore the city by day, sleep on graves at night, and take flight through many perilous adventures. They experience the tough streets, the rage of a hurricane, and the spirits that walk among us. Will they be caught and somehow escape? While in the midst of surviving and fighting for their freedom, they discover love and compassion.