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Book Reviews that are coming soon to the Book Review Page. The Books below are now being read by one of our reviewers. The Review will be posted soon.

Reviews In Progress.

The Wayward Son

"The Wayward Son"
by Timothy Ward

A modern day version of the parable of the Prodigal Son. A story of rebellion and living on the edge. But also a story of love, mercy, and forgiveness.

"Shadow Walkers"

Reviewer: Jennifer McClure

"Shadow Walkers"

by Tabitha Robin

Book Description:
Four Siblings are born with a gift. From Birth Hope, Amber, Jeremiah and Robert Townsend have been able to walk in shadows. Becoming as shadows they walk unknown, discovering secrets that are never spoken. One day while at school Amber comes across a strange group of siblings that seem to be hiding something. She tells her brothers and sisters about the strange kids. The Townsend children decide to solve this strange mystery by hiding within the new comers shadows. With a wild twist the Four Townsends discover a secret that will change their lives forever. The hands of time are turn backwards and two antique family diaries carries the key to solve the puzzle. Faced with the challenge of the past, they are forced into history. The Townsends and the new comers discover they must work together to find their way back home. With the help of a lost dragon, they journey to complete a task that was set in motion centuries before they were even born. With danger surrounding them they must learn to use their special skills to defeat a evil bread of beings called the Wendigos. The future depends on their battle in the past.

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